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 Country Alamode Sells Retired Boyds Bears and Resin Dolls

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Welcome to our online shop! Shopping on our Web site is easy! If you're looking to Buy Boyds Bears, just click on a gift catalog below and start shopping! Each catalog features a diverse collection of Boyds Bear Dolls for Sale, Resin Boyds Bears, Retired Boyds Bears, Hares and much more. After you select your choice of Boyds Bears, Hares or Friends use our self-guiding ordering system to place your order or contact us personally by phone (319)634-3822 or e-mail us at I HAVE MANY RETIRED PIECES THAT THE CATALOG DOES NOT GIVE ME THE OPTION TO LIST. PLEASE CALL IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AN OLDER PIECE EITHER PLUSH OR RESIN.

To view our products, click on the catalogs below:
Boyds Doll Collection Boyds Doll Collection
A sweet collection of handmade dolls that celebrate the everyday activities and joys of children.
Boyds Plush Collection Boyds Plush Collection
Top of the line teddy bears plus a wide variety of adorable, plush critters that will warm the hearts of everyone.
Boyds Resin Collection Boyds Resin Collection
A wide selection of sculpted bear collectibles that are hand-numbered and gift-boxed in open and limited editions. They're Collectible Masterpieces.
Boyds Gift Collection Boyds Gift Collection
Delight your family and friends with a whimsical gift from Boyds.

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